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Welcome to Kara Fabric! Kara is how my 5-year-old says my name, and Fabric is what I do: yeah, making fabrics! Sometimes people get mixed up and call me Kara. You are welcome! But I go mostly by Clara. Hi! It’s nice to meet you!

I grew up in Macau and attended The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Fine Art. My obsession with fabrics started during the beginning of my college years.

I worked originally as a painter/ Illustrator/ graphic designer for some children’s magazines. In 2004, I was married and decided to continue my career as an artist in Los Angeles. My art involved mostly fabrics, threads and sewing. Some of you might have seen my 5 feet tall painting made with canvas and lots and lots of tiny threads at the HK Biennale. Yes I am that obsessed : )

While in Los Angeles, I partnered with the local artists and hosted several local galleries as a resident artist.

In 2009, my daughter Julie was born and we decided to move back to Hong Kong. That’s when I decided to turn Kara Fabric from my hobby into my full time career.

Kara Fabric is how I brought my personal feelings and experiences into soft goods that can be touched and enjoyed by everyone.

My designs have revealed my identity as a traditional Chinese woman (Chinese calligraphy, ink painting) with cultural influences from California (Latin American folk-art, the Pacific Beaches). Some elements have also expressed my identity as a wife and a new mother.

I am an avid sewing fan – You can hardly see me doing something that doesn’t involve a sewing machine at home. All the designs you see here are unique and original. They all started out as little projects I did at home.

Thank you again for stopping by at my little shop! Hopefully you will find something that you like!

Our Style

We love the unique artistic language of Ancient Persia and Turkey. Embracing the inspirations from the East and the West, Kara Fabric exhibits a unique mix of traditional oriental motifs combined with modern European sensibility.

Our Process

Kara Fabric uses, only, all natural materials. Every piece of fabric that you buy will be hand-printed with care, using traditional methods and traditional tools. Therefore, each piece is unique!


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